We were provided with the design and tasked to develop this WBT application.  The result was a very robust and highly customizable content engine.  The application is also SCORM 1.2 conformant.  The training included a lot of videos, images, two Flash games, and a scored test.

March 2010

The introduction video.

The slides are highly customizable, and different page elements can enter at precise times, allowing them to synchronize with the narration mp3 files.

History slide.

This is one of the comprehension games we developed. It is hard to tell from a still image, but the two columns on the right are 3d carousels. The carousel items are drag and drop, and the user matches the items up to the corresponding year.

Video slide.

A drag and drop game. Images are initially shuffled, and the user needs to drag 4 images from each category to their respective sections.