The F-22 Flight Simulator was a challenging and fun project.  The site was built as a part of a bigger application to run on HP Touchsmarts at a kiosk.  The site was made using AS3, and the amazing Papervision3D engine (among other libraries).  Blender was used for the modeling, and Ideum was used for the multi-touch flash capabilities (the project was right before Flash released native libraries).  At one point the F-22 could be piloted using a Wiimote, just for fun (thanks to the to the wiiflash library and server). 

February 2010

Stalking a mig.

Just cruising through the virtual air.

Launching a missile.  A number of different launching sounds prevents the experience from getting old.  The missiles are heat-seeking due to some artificial intelligence.

Impact, also complete with sound effects.  The explosions are actually video clips that always face toward the camera, which look cool.  The explosions are also louder the closer you are to the impact.  Exploded planes disappear off radar and re-enters the fly zone from a random location set a little ways outside the zone.

There were 20 or so migs in the fly zone.  Performance was fine tuned with great results due to poly-crunching, billboards, frustum culling, and level of detail techniques.

Flying through the virtual clouds.

The F-22 can move any direction—pitch, roll, and yaw are all fair game.