Causing Effect was contracted to redesign the jewelry quiz generator and it’s accompanying CMS. We took the assignment to the next level. We created an easy to use interface for both the front-end and back-end.

We’d venture to say that it may be the easiest to use CMS ever created, and it was all custom built on CodeIgniter!  The quiz generator allows for questions to be added, reordered, and edited on the spot. Images can be uploaded and edited via the MCImageManager by simply double-clicking their place holder. The text can also be double-clicked, which changes it into a textarea or textfield (depending on the content), and intelligently updates the content via AJAX when the user clicks outside the field.

The results are populated in a similar fashion. Each option can have any number of results associated with it. The results can be chosen from a list that is populated from the live product database. The product images and info are then retrieved, and can then be edited to further customize the particular outcome.

September 2010 View Live Site

On a computer, the quiz works via drag 'n' drop, but we also created a mobile version that is touch enabled.

We developed an algorithm to tally up the user’s responses and choose the winning outcome and request it via AJAX.  The ‘Like’, ‘Tweet’, and ‘Share with Friend’ buttons were added by the client after we delivered the site.

Managing quizzes is a breeze using the custom CMS.

This is quiz editing back-end. Creating the quizzes is arguably as fun as taking the quizzes…