This media site was created over a period of about 2 months. The site was built on the ExpressionEngine CMS. We developed several extensions and scripts in order to bring this site to fruition. The site is setup so that it can be easily managed by the end client, without needing to know any code.

All of the development was done by Causing Effect based on the provided design.

July 2010 View Live Site

A close-up of the home page slides area.

The site is setup to support the following five languages: English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. If an item does not exist in the chosen language, then it would fallback to the English version, where applicable.

The “briefcase” functionality. When logged in, the user is given the ability to add content from all over the site to their briefcase. This allows the user to keep track of press releases, images, videos, and social media entries. The data persists in the database, allowing the user to see all of their information the next time they log in. Additionally, the briefcase features download functionality, which can dynamically zip up the user’s chosen items for a convenient download. The briefcase even has the ability to add the same content in multiple languages if desired.

The press releases section is created with JavaScript accordion functionality.  Press releases can be written in all 5 languages, and can have the following content types associated with them:

  • PDFs for each language
  • Article photos and videos
  • Related photos and videos

We created the custom video player, complete with custom controls and full-screen capabilities. The player seamlessly ties into the CMS, making adding video content as easy as clicking the upload button and saving.

We coded a JavaScript media popover box with the ability to group video and images together and play them sequentially. This functionality is available throughout the site. Logged in members can also download high res versions of the images and add the various media to their briefcase, all conveniently from the popover. It’s a nice way for the end user to focus on what they are interested in.

The archive section consists of nested accordion sections that display content by year and month. Each section is dynamically loaded by AJAX so that the content is only retrieved when needed.

The popover log-in screen. This screen is also displayed when a user is not logged in and tries to access content that requires membership. We figured out a way to authenticate the user with ExpressionEngine via AJAX, cutting out the round trip to a login form and status message.

The “In The News” section is a JavaScript rich section that gives the user the ability to easily find content by various content filters.

Profile page of the company founders.

Overview page.

Social media accordion page. Shows dynamically cached content from Facebook and Twitter.