The Land Rover event generator was developed by Causing Effect for The Sutter-Group as a way for them to easily and dynamically create event mini-sites for their client Land Rover. TSG designed the front-end, and contracted us for the development. We created an AJAX driven administrative back-end and a templating system for event generation, user management, and reporting. We also created the highly customizable font-end in Flash ActionScript 3.

May 2010

This is one of the many event template themes.

Each event has a details page.  All of the page content can be customized.

The registration page used amfphp technology to communicate with a CodeIgniter installation for form validation and database storage.

The map section leverages the Google Maps API for Flash to home in on the respective event’s location, which is adorned with a custom icon.

Another template designed by The Sutter Group.

We quickly converted a WordPress Theme for use in our back-end control panel.

Event management page.

We developed a robust theming engine that allows for different image and color schemes to be implemented quickly and painlessly.  Design by The Sutter-Group.

Another theme example.