The 50 to Death creator/actor/comedian Norm Golden wanted a fun, interactive and engaging site to showcase his upcoming series of “webisodes.” We put together a “big screen” Flash layout to portray the content in a fresh and interesting way. 50 to Death is setup on a CMS so that the 50 to Death crew can maintain the blog, site list, and videos themselves. The Flash was all coded out in ActionScript 3.0 and degrades gracefully so that the site can still be indexed properly by search engines. The site has been very successful and has had scores of blogs and reviews written about it.

October 2008 View Live Site

The video section is created in Flash by pulling data from the CMS (a dynamically created XML file). The videos are available in low resolution and HD.

The blog section of the site is coded in XHTML and CSS rather than Flash to enhance Search Engine Optimization. The titles feature Dynamic Text Replacement, which replaces the title with an image of the chosen font (custom MooTools script).

This is what the entire home page looks like (zoomed way out).